Together, we can bring health and happiness to people around the world. By donating your shoes, you can give someone a life-changing opportunity.

Together we can make a difference


    To uplift the economic and financial burdens of households by providing shoes and socks necessary, for our ever-growing children. By doing so we will give each child a sense of Pride and Love, fostering a greater opportunity to focus on their education.

    We aspire to universally influence the community by demonstrating the power, benefits, and principles of giving to those in need.


    Mrs.‎ Dawn‎ M.‎ Lewis is the President/CEO of Shoes‎ for‎ Your‎ Soul ‎‎(a‎ non-profit‎ 501c-3‎ organization). As a native of the Garden State of New Jersey, Mrs. Lewis grew up in a large family and understands how it feels to often share clothing and shoes with other siblings. Which is why her memorable experience of receiving her first pair of new Florsheim shoes inspired her to replicate that happy feeling for other children in need.

    Prior to starting her own non-profit organization, Mrs. Lewis‎ has spent‎ many‎ years‎ donating‎ to‎ Angel‎ Tree‎ charity. She also served at‎ the‎ Pretty‎ &‎ Pink‎ Cancer‎ Foundation,‎ and‎ ministries‎ such‎ as the‎ Health‎ Awareness‎ and‎ Healing‎ Hearts‎‎ at‎ St.‎ John‎ Baptist‎ Church‎ in‎ Camden,‎ New‎ Jersey. Her deep passion and commitment‎ to charitable work is‎ a true‎ reflection‎ of‎ her‎ dedication‎ to‎ the‎ people‎ in‎ her‎ community.

    She is happily married and enjoys spending her days as a grandmother.
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    Help Us Spread the Word

    You can make a difference by simply posting our Shoes For Your Soul Poster on your social media! Posting on Facebook, Instagram and even texting a friend helps us spread the word and expand the mission!


    We are seeking people that are dedicated to donate, collect, sort, size and give out shoes to children of all ages! We are serving children in the Camden School System from infants (size 0) to 12th-grade size (14)


    Every donation helps a child walk into their future with confidence and joy! We are so grateful for every person, business, church and organization that will partner with us in giving to our kids who need it most!