Shoes For Your Soul, as a nonprofit organization, is committed to providing free shoes and socks for children from infancy through high school. It began January 21, 2019, and relies heavily on various donations.

Shoes for Your Soul process is to size each child properly. After being correctly sized, each child can choose from any footwear we have available in their size. Each child is also provided with socks. Providing properly fitted shoes gives children a feeling of comfort and support that helps them achieve their dreams, whether in class, on the field, or at leisure. Properly fitting shoes and socks makes a difference in a child’s confidence and ability to concentrate on their education; this is often overlooked. Shoes‎ For‎ Your‎ Soul‎ Organization‎ is‎ a‎ beacon‎ for‎ the‎ donors‎ who‎ remember‎ the‎ childlike‎ joy‎ of‎ getting‎ a correctly sized brand-new‎ pair‎ of‎ shoes.

“Be brave and strong! Don’t be afraid of the nations on the other side of the Jordan. The Lord your God will always be at your side, and he will never abandon you”. DEUTERONOMY 31:6

“I‎ can‎ do‎ all‎ things‎ through‎ Christ‎ which‎ strengthens‎ me.” PHILIPPIANS 4:13

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