Mrs.‎ Dawn‎ M.‎ Lewis is the President/CEO of Shoes‎ for‎ Your‎ Soul ‎‎(a‎ non-profit‎ 501c-3‎ organization). As a native of the Garden State of New Jersey, Mrs. Lewis grew up in a large family and understands how it feels to often share clothing and shoes with other siblings. Which is why her memorable experience of receiving her first pair of new Florsheim shoes inspired her to replicate that happy feeling for other children in need.

Prior to starting her own non-profit organization, Mrs. Lewis‎ has spent‎ many‎ years‎ donating‎ to‎ Angel‎ Tree‎ charity. She also served at‎ the‎ Pretty‎ &‎ Pink‎ Cancer‎ Foundation,‎ and‎ ministries‎ such‎ as the‎ Health‎ Awareness‎ and‎ Healing‎ Hearts‎‎ at‎ St.‎ John‎ Baptist‎ Church‎ in‎ Camden,‎ New‎ Jersey. Her deep passion and commitment‎ to charitable work is‎ a true‎ reflection‎ of‎ her‎ dedication‎ to‎ the‎ people‎ in‎ her‎ community.

She is happily married and enjoys spending her days as a grandmother.


Vonelee Lewis Jr. is the husband of the President/CEO of Shoes For Your Soul Organization. As the Chief of Logistics & Food Service Management, he is responsible for organizing shoe drives and food fundraising donations in conjunction with the fundraising committee.

A Camden native and a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, Vonelee currently serves as the Director of Maintenance at Pennco Tech. His motivation, articulate planning, and many years of management experience is the driving force behind every successful event held by Shoes For Your Soul Organization.

Vonelee is focused on using his nonprofit services to reach and help the youths of Camden become more.


Crystal S. Wynn, the Vice President at Shoes For Your Soul Organization is known for helping and supporting people through her enthusiasm for charitable works. Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, her experience in the nonprofit industry gives her the opportunity to address numerous social issues and the systems that sustain them.

She is currently in the process of earning her Master’s Degree from the School of Social Works at Rutgers University. 


As the Secretary at Shoes For Your Soul Organization, Selena Matthews brings the finely-tuned skill-set needed to handle the Organization’s wide variety of responsibilities and provide critical administrative support.

Originally born in Lewes, Delaware but a resident of Camden, New Jersey; Selena is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School and an Associate Degree holder from Camden County College. She is also a graduate of Manna Bible Institute and is currently attending Lancaster Bible Institute. Prior to joining Shoes For Your Soul Organization, she served at Words for Life Ministries Christian Center.

Selena is passionate about serving and helping others.


Margo D. Clement is a self-published author and poet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a board member, she is recognized for her selfless ambition, efficiency, and support towards the growth and success of Shoes For Your Soul Organization.

Her authored collection of Christian literature like- Gifted Inspirational Poems and Prayers, Delivered and The Cell War of the Mind; have been a blessing to every reader. She is also the CEO and founder of Slay Magazine. An upcoming magazine that aims to feature and promote local hair salons, restaurants and businesses in the tri-state area.

For Margo, putting smiles on people’s faces one shoe at a time are the most rewarding part of her role.


Edna Bethea Treasurer and Financial Officer

A former Health Services Manager for Independence Blue Cross, however it is her experience as Director of Intake Services at a major homeless shelter for the city of Philadelphia, that reminded her of the significance of giving back to others. When she heard of an organization designed to provide shoes and socks to children, Edna wanted to know more about it. You see it was a reminder of her youth growing up with three siblings during a time when many households were struggling to provide enough shoes for the growing feet of their children. Edna is truly excited to be given the opportunity to be a part of such a phenomenal organization that is currently providing shoes and socks to children in the state New Jersey. Looking forward to ultimately assisting the organization with providing shoes and socks for children everywhere.