Mrs.‎ Dawn‎ M.‎ Lewis is the President/CEO of Shoes‎ for‎ Your‎ Soul ‎‎(a‎ non-profit‎ 501c-3‎ organization). As a native of the Garden State of New Jersey, Mrs. Lewis grew up in a large family and understands how it feels to often share clothing and shoes with other siblings. Which is why her memorable experience of receiving her first pair of new Florsheim shoes inspired her to replicate that happy feeling for other children in need.

Prior to starting her own non-profit organization, Mrs. Lewis‎ has spent‎ many‎ years‎ donating‎ to‎ Angel‎ Tree‎ charity. She also served at‎ the‎ Pretty‎ &‎ Pink‎ Cancer‎ Foundation,‎ and‎ ministries‎ such‎ as the‎ Health‎ Awareness‎ and‎ Healing‎ Hearts‎‎ at‎ St.‎ John‎ Baptist‎ Church‎ in‎ Camden,‎ New‎ Jersey. Her deep passion and commitment‎ to charitable work is‎ a true‎ reflection‎ of‎ her‎ dedication‎ to‎ the‎ people‎ in‎ her‎ community.

She is happily married and enjoys spending her days as a grandmother.


Vonelee Lewis Jr. is the husband of the President/CEO of Shoes For Your Soul Organization. As the Chief of Logistics & Food Service Management, he is responsible for organizing shoe drives and food fundraising donations in conjunction with the fundraising committee.

A Camden native and a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, Vonelee currently serves as the Director of Maintenance at Pennco Tech. His motivation, articulate planning, and many years of management experience is the driving force behind every successful event held by Shoes For Your Soul Organization.

Vonelee is focused on using his nonprofit services to reach and help the youths of Camden become more.


Crystal S. Wynn, the Vice President at Shoes For Your Soul Organization is known for helping and supporting people through her enthusiasm for charitable works. Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, her experience in the nonprofit industry gives her the opportunity to address numerous social issues and the systems that sustain them.

She is currently in the process of earning her Master’s Degree from the School of Social Works at Rutgers University.


Pamela C Brown is the Treasure for Shoes for Your Soul. Raised in Camden, NJ, and a graduate of WWHS. She graduated from Hampton University with a BA in psychology and a Master’s degree from Rutger’s University in Social Work. Pam is the Vice President of Developmental Disabilities at Oaks Integrated Care. She has mentored young girls for more than 20 years. She is a member of The Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Camden, NJ. Pam enjoys volunteering and is committed to Shoes For Your Soul. “To whom much is given, much is required


Gloria Z. Gilbert is the 4th of nine siblings (all girls) born to the late James and Ruth Simpson Crocker. Her passion has always been for the Children and Seniors. She spent 3 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, 21 years with New Jersey Bell Telephone Company and 25 years with the Camden City School District. Gloria serves as Executive Secretary to Shoes For Your Soul and loves looking forward to our events seeing those beautiful smiles on the children’s faces. Gloria also serves as Secretary to Maude S. Walker Missionaries, Camden County, Corresponding Secretary to the Bethany Baptist Association Women’s Auxiliary of NJ and Secretary to the Camden Schools Foundation. Gloria is a faithful member of St. John Baptist Church, Camden, NJ serving in many capacities, 33 year Cancer Survivor, happily married to Rev. Eugene L Gilbert, and parents to two daughters, one son, two sons-in-love, daughter-in-love, three grands and one great grand.


Mrs. Sonja D. Adams was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. After graduating from Camden County College, she furthered her education at Rutgers University.

Mrs. Sonja D. Adams is the Fundraising Director for Shoes for Your Soul.

Mrs. Adams was raised in a single parent household with her a brother and sister. Mrs. Adams grew up knowing what it is like not to have the things you need. Her mother did her best to provide for her and her siblings. Her mother instilled in her and siblings a charitable mindset. She remembers how important it is to have a pair of shoes. This is why it is important for her to be involved with Shoes For Your Soul.

Shoes For Your Soul has done so much for so many children. She is committed to supporting the mission. It gives her a heartwarming feeling to know she is helping other children who come from a difficult upbringing. In today’s environment children are bullied (worse now than ever) … when their wardrobes are lacking the things they need.

Sonja is a proud mother, grandmother and wife. Sonja’s special interests are baking, reading and listening to music.

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